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hominaday; hwaiting!
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27th-May-2012 10:03 pm - 1248
they attended suju's super show 4 encore concert today ^^

yh-no replacements
26th-May-2012 11:47 pm - 1246~1247

the making of shilla dfs cf
yh-no replacements
24th-May-2012 10:50 pm - 1245

shilla dfs

Mod announcement
i have reopened membership for this community, fans who likes homin are welcomed to join ^^
23rd-May-2012 09:06 pm - 1244

click image for original size

what are you trying to convey, yunho? xD

120520 SMTown Concert in LA
23rd-May-2012 09:03 pm - 1243
Sorry I forgot to update yesterday ^^;

i think this is dream concert 2012~
21st-May-2012 11:54 pm - 1242
120519 SMTown concert in LA Rehearsal

under the cutCollapse )
yh-no replacements
20th-May-2012 10:31 pm - 1241
I'm back :) Many thanks to those who posted pics in this post during the comm hiatus.

120519 To LA for SMTown Live Tour III
19th-Feb-2012 09:15 pm - HOMIN-A-DAY Special Post
Community members can post homin materials in comment while I'm on hiatus. Do contribute and check this post often.

My thanks in advance for those partipating, thank youuuuuuu~ ^_^

- one pic/gif/video etc per comment.
19th-Feb-2012 09:07 pm - [Mod Post] Comm hiatus
Hi all, I'm so so sorry for not leaving a message here before I went on my long holiday. It's been a hectic weekend, as I am currently in Japan attending Niigata Tone shows + Tokyo + Seoul until early March. I will be moving around alot and updating the comm via iPad will be inconvenient as I'm too tired to look for materials at night. Therefore the comm will go under hiatus until further notice as I have personal matters to attend to after my holiday.

However, I will create a new post allowing members to post a homin picture a day (first come first serve? LOL) so you will still get your daily dose of HoMin.

Again, apologies for my neglegence this time. Too many things to do, not enough time m(_ _)m
yh-no replacements
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